Video Review Test

It sure seems like we’re posting a lot of samples for new sections this week. A lot of the projects we’ve been working towards behind the scenes for a last few months are finally just about ready to go. You’ve probably wondered what happened to the reviews I’ve been working on during this time. Well…this should probably give you a pretty good clue. Please note that this is only a test. We are not covering Super Mario Galaxy; it was just a recent non-RPG I beat that I figured a lot of people would be familiar with. This is also more of a half review than a full one since I wasn’t planning to post this publically at first. Anyway, the point of this is just to get some feedback before I finish off the real reviews for the games that we do cover, so please leave comments if you have any.

Edit: Yeah, sorry about the minor video/audio glitches, but better I make those mistakes now than in an RPG Review.

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