North American PS3s Return to the Netherworld In August

Nippon Ichi, creator of the popular Disgaea series, has confirmed that the Disgaea 3 will be arriving on North American shores this August for the PlayStation 3. The newest trip through the Netherworld stars Mao, a student at a school for demons as he attempts to overthrow his father, claim the title of overlord, and become a hero.

As in the other two games in the series, Disgaea 3 will feature Item Worlds, random dungeons within items that contain up to 100 floors. The game will also feature two methods of altering the stages. Geo panels change the attributes of certain squares and have been around since the original Disgaea. New to the series are geo blocks, which can alter the terrain itself and allow characters to attack enemies that they normally would not be able to hit.

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