Current Quests – Week of 04/27/08

Hello again everybody ^^. I suppose that it should be fairly obvious what most of us have been working on this week from the looks of the site, but we’ve managed to get in some gaming on the side as well.

Cortney “Alethea” Stone, when not making the lovely new headers, has been playing through Wild ARMs XF in addition to her usual adventures through FFXI. Parasol. You may not understand the significance of that just yet, but I assure you it is quite awesome.

John “Karlinn” Boske’s throat is doing better, so podcasts have resumed, hurray! From the looks of things, we may be getting together for a group podcast in a week or so too. As far as games go, more Stalker, FFXII, and Mass Effect are on his plate. Naming all three of those at once kind of makes me want to try a playthrough of Mass Effect where I answer everything by saying “I am Basch fon Ronsenburg!” or variations thereof, but I don’t think they offer that option yet. Perhaps in the upcoming PC version?

Speaking of overthrowing empires, Jerry “XeroZohar” Swain has been fighting his way through Final Fantasy II for the GBA. He also got into Metal Gear Online, so those of us who didn’t may feel bits of envy towards him. I won’t name any names though.

Michael “Slayer of God” Kozinko, like most of the staff, picked of Persona 3: FES. He was last seen fighting his way through the depths in May and building a Cradily. Sometimes I wonder which requires more effort: building a single Pokemon or a single Persona. In any case, I sure wouldn’t mind calling forth a Thanatos in a Pokemon match.

Jordan “J_Sensei” Jackson has picked up TWEWY, which is too long to type out. Of course, saying that takes roughly as long as it would have taken to type the title out. In other words, I couldn’t think of a good joke. When not break-dance-fighting through the streets, (oh, I thought of one, alas too late) he’s been messing around with Metal Gear Online and will have picked up Mario Kart Wii by the time this is posted.

Michael “CactuarJoe” Beckett is another staff member who picked up Persona 3: FES. Like Slayer, he too is also building a Pokemon on the side. The differences are that CJ built a Rhyperior and has made it into June.

T.J. “Nerdboy Himself” Condon picked up Persona 3: FES too. He seems to be talking about events that none of us know about, so it’s most likely that he’s been playing the new episode rather than the upgraded original.

As for me, well, I’ve been playing Persona 3: FES too. I’m in June, but I’m not raising any Pokemon right now. School has also given me an excuse to play a little bit of The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II on the NES, which somehow still works after all these years. It erased all my Zelda II data, but The Legend of Zelda was fine. Long story short, any class that accepts your proposal to write about games so long as you follow the rules of the termpaper can’t be half bad.

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