Wii Owners Find Out It’s Good to be King

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King is now available on the Nintendo WiiWare service for 1500 Wii Points, which is exactly fifteen dollars.

The story follows a young son of a missing king as he finds a deserted town that was once the site of a magnificent kingdom. Though tarnished and worn, the town’s crystal is still viable, and it passes the ability of “architek,” the power to manifest memories into reality. With the help of some loyal servants, the young king begins to rebuild the kingdom from scratch.

The game features varying difficulty levels, 38 dungeons to explore, and 17 building types. Players begin the game as a Clavat, but the other three races: Selkie, Yuke, and Lilty are available as extra downloadable content. The following is also available for download at this time:

Title Price(Wii Points) Content
Dungeon Pack 300 Adds 11 dungeons to the game. Clearing these dungeons raises the limit on weapon, armor and item shops as well as taverns, parks, gaming halls and houses.
Triple Race Pack 800 Adds Lilty huts, Selkie dens and Yuke shacks to the buildings list.
Lilty Hut 300 Adds Lilty huts to the building list. Lilties are naturally strong and make the best warriors.
Selkie Den 300 Adds Selkie dens to the building list. Selkies are naturally swift and make the best thieves.
Yuke Shack 300 Adds Yuke shacks to the building list. Yukes are naturally magic-savvy and make the best mages.
The King’s New Cloak 100 Provides an additional costume for the king. Changing costumes is performed within the castle.
Chime’s Knell 100 Provides an additional costume for Chime. Changing costumes is performed within the castle.
Luxurious House 100 Adds luxurious houses to the building list. These houses recall an even larger family to the kingdom, boosting income of gil.
Sacred Shrine 200 Adds a dungeon containing the ability to build a sacred shrine. Sacred shrines built in the kingdom temporarily boost adventurers’ stats.

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