Current Quests – Week of 6/01/08

It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time once again for another batch of Quests.

Cortney “Alethea” Stone has actually been enjoying her PSP for once. She is currently playing Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and has cleared the Nibelheim incident.

Michael “Cactuar Joe” Beckett is more than halfway done with The Answer on Persona 3: FES and expects to have a review up shortly. He also went to a Toys ‘R’ Us event and got something called a Darkrai. It’s apparently one of those Pokemans he so badly wants to show you.

Jerry “XeroZohar” Swain has postponed FES to replay Metroid Prime 2. It definitely had some interesting ideas, but it just didn’t live up to the standard set by the first one. He is wading through the Torvus Bog and hoping that Samus’s suit really IS waterproof.

John “Karlinn” Boske wishes to thank Jerry for his mention of Deus Ex. Everytime anyone mentions that game anywhere in the world, he is honor bound to replay it. He is also whiling away the hours with Mass Effect PC and STALKing some zombies.

Erika “Wolfraven” Lachapelle finished up the Best Game Evar, also known as The World Ends With You. She’s slogging through the post-game content and is nearly finished. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also playing Suikoden V and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. On Hard mode just to prove how hardcore she is.

T.J. “Nedboy Himself” Condon is also playing the Best Game Evar, but he’s only barely started it. For some unknown reason, he’s diverting time away from that to play FES and Guitar Hero 3.

Michael “Slayer of God” Kozinko is also playing FES. I know it’s a shocker since nearly every other member of the staff is playing it. He’s at floor 120, whatever that means. I’m apparently the only one here that never got the Persona Fever.

As for me, I’m splitting my time between battling jet lag and foes in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It’s not really a surprise that several people would be playing a recently released 100+ hour RPG at the same time, but it’s a bit amazing that two of us would be playing an older game like that simultaneously. Unlike her, I’m actually playing it for the first time.

And that concludes this week’s Quests. I’m going to go pass out now. Zzzzzzzz


  1. admin:

    “It definitely had some interesting ideas, but it just didn’t live up to the standard set by the first one.”

    Not my words, to be clear. I prefer the second one to the first, if by a few nose hairs. More interesting locales and bosses (Spider Guardian and Quadraxis for the epic win.), better pacing and map layout, great new suit designs. Not a fan of the ammo system though. The first one’s overall more challenging though, and has the nostalgia bit going for it.

    Corruption > all though, IMO.

    And now back to your regularly scheduled RPGness.

  2. Michael "CactuarJoe" Beckett:

    Good lord, Wolf, are you really playing Fire Emblem on Hard? Pure madness.

  3. Erika "wolfraven80" Lachapelle:

    Hah-hah yeah well… I’ve played it through several times already and wanted to do something a little different this time around. Besides, TSS is one of the easier FEs (though, on a first playthrough I found Path of Radiance much easier) since you can always train in the Tower of Valni if things get rough. So far so good– I’m not getting destroyed *too* much.

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