Current Quests – Week of 06/22/08

It’s that time of the week again! It’s also summer, so it’s time for us to work a bit harder to help keep you all entertained over your vacations. Unfortunately, somebody seems to have replaced half of our staff with cardboard boxes…

Cortney “Alethea” Stone, like many of us, is waiting on Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Since she’s the one planning to review it first on our staff, perhaps she’s looking forward to being the judge for once.

Erika “wolfraven” Lachapelle is sick this week. We hope she’s getting some rest, eating some soup, and playing some games.

Jerry “XeroZohar” Swain played a whole bunch of MGS4. I seem to have used up the overused box joke already, so I’ll spare you anything more.

John “Karlinn” Boske has been playing Deus Ex again. I think he played it last time I wrote quests too, but if that honestly surprises you then you aren’t listening to enough of our podcasts. He’s also been playing GTA4, Overclocked: A History of Violence, and Crysis.

Jordan “J_Sensei” Jackson is currently engaged in missions in both MGS4 and Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones. He’s currently wishing that the enemies in Fire Emblem were fooled by cardboard boxes too.

Michael “CactuarJoe” Beckett is playing either Etrian Odyssey or Etrian Odyssey II. So far they’ve been almost exactly the same, and sometimes he has to check to make sure he’s playing the right one.

Michael “Slayer of God” Kozinko is playing through MGS4 and Final Fantasy Tactics. He was last seen using his newfound stealth powers to get past the infamous rooftop battle without resetting 30 times.

T.J. “Nerdboy” Condon took some time off from his usual workload to play some golf. He claims to have leveled up, leaving much of us rather confused until he explained that he was playing Albatross 18.

As for me, well, my schedule is finally clearing up a bit, so I can play more games again and fix my computer. I ended up playing a bunch of Chaos Wars and a little bit of The World Ends With You. If you listened to the podcast, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out which one I’m liking more.

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