New Final Fantasy XIII Battle Details Surface

The newest pages of Famitsu have plenty of battle details for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII

In the field, you will be able to see enemies, and any enemies that are aware of your presence will have a warning sign above their heads.  Once combat is initiated, the battle transition will be completely seamless.  Some new aspects of actual combat include evading and counterattacking your foes, being able to hit enemies multiple times, enemies having multiple targets to be hit, and you can see the name and HP of the enemies you fight.  You will also be able to select multiple actions ahead of time and execute them together. Also, there is no MP in this game.  Every spell and skill has a maximum number of uses or will require charging to use.  There is also a tidbit about Lightning, the main character.  Her weapon can change form in battle; the screens show it as both a gun and a blade.  One last detail is that there is a Chain Bonus and a Break Bonus, but there are not any details about those yet.

Sources: Magic Box, Famitsu

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