Square Enix Shocks with Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix managed to shock a fair portion of its audience today with the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV, scheduled for exclusive release on the PlayStation 3 next year. Details are, unsurprisingly, scant at the moment, but a brief trailer shown at E3 hints at the game being a new MMO.

Edit: Final Fantasy XIV is now confirmed to be a massively multiplayer online title, and is planned for a simultaneous global release with language support for Japanese, English, French and German. Weirdly enough, it’s also confirmed for release not only on PS3, but also on the PC. So much for “exclusive.”

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  1. thinkfreemind:

    I was watching the Sony show online and I started to laugh like everyone else there in the crowd when they mentioned FFXIV. Then I realized they were serious when the trailer started playing and I was left thinking, what the heck!?! Now I understand that SE obviously has different teams working on different games, but at this point I wish they could focus a little bit more on one thing at a time. How many man hours have been sunk into this that could have helped give us FFXIII and Vs.XIII faster. Oh well…


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