Tales of Graces Shows Off Its Style

Namco-Bandai shines the spotlight on their upcoming Tales installment for the Wii, Tales of Graces, showing off their newest spin on the Linear Motion Battle System– Style Shift.  The Style Shift Linear Motion Battle System (SS-LMBS) will feature a change to one of the basic ideas of previous Tales LMBS.  In earlier games, controller buttons would correspond to normal attacks or special attacks.  In the SS-LMBS system, the different controller buttons are instead used for different styles of attack.  For example, with one button, main character Asbel will use quick kicks and short jabs with his sheathed sword.  With another, he will draw his sword and use stronger, longer-ranged slashing attacks.

Tales of Graces is due out for the Wii in Japan sometime this coming winter.

Source: Famitsu

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