Level 5 Shows Off White Knight Chronicles at TGS, Announces Sequel

The Tokyo Game Show is in full swing, and Level 5 is showing off its PS3 RPG White Knight Chronicles. The game is already out in Japan and it should be out in North America sometime next year, but TGS provided the stage for the game’s online component.

In White Knight Chronicles, players create an avatar that joins up as a party member in the main story. The online portion of the game opens up after the player completes the first chapter and the player’s character carries over his or her levels and equipment into online mode. Players can solo or team up with other players as their avatars and complete quests for shiny loot and prestigious guild rankings. Communication will be via emotes and text chat, and the North American and European versions will include voice chat as well.

There are two major sections of online mode. The first is GeoNet, a place where players can post their profile, run a blog, message other players, and post on a forum. The second is Georama; much like in Level 5’s Dark Cloud games, players can build a virtual village. Players choose the environment type — plains, desert, or wilderness — and adjust the plants and terrain. They can also set up different structures like houses, shops, windmills, and fountains and recruit NPCs, whose attributes influence the town, to live there. They can invite other players to visit the town, go shopping, and see the sights before teaming up for adventures.

Level 5 also announced that a sequel entitled White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness is in the works.

Sources: IGN, Kotaku

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