Even More Mass Effect 2 Details: New Game Plus is a Go

Just in time to officially call it a Christmas miracle, BioWare’s Chris Priestly unveiled more information about Mass Effect 2 and character import data. In particular:

Mass Effect 2 will have a New Game+ mode, allowing players to restart the game with higher level characters for successive playthroughs.

– Multiple characters/profiles can be brought in from Mass Effect.

– For the 360, profile and save data must be on the hard drive, and not removable MUs.

– Import data will carry over “all your decisions and plot decisions from ME1 into ME”; three are listed directly, including what happened on Virmire and how you handled the fan at the Citadel.

– Higher-level imported characters will have proportionally higher starting bonuses, such as more credits and more resources for the Normandy’s tech lab. Paragon/Renegade stats will also carry over to some degree.

– Only saves and characters that have completed Mass Effect can be imported to Mass Effect 2.

Further details can be found in the Mass Effect 2 community thread.

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