DLC News Roundup: Fable III and New Vegas

For games that start with F, the DLC keeps on coming.  Details have been released for both Fable III, with content released today, and Fallout New Vegas‘s upcoming Dead Money:

Fable III gets the Understone Quest Pack, taking players to a new town built under the streets of Bowerstone.  The new region carries its own monsters, quests, real estate options, and a “major mystery to solve.”  Get it for 400 MS funbucks here.

As for Fallout New Vegas, Bethesda already announced the existence of Dead Money.  With a formal press release today, they added new information about the upcoming casino heist.  Of particular note are the level cap increasing to 35, a new group dubbed the Ghost People, and as-yet-unspecified new perks and achievements.  Check out the details here.

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