Fallout New Vegas DLC Announced and Detailed

Care of Bethesda’s blog comes details about three sets of upcoming Fallout New Vegas DLC, along with release dates.

First up is Honest Hearts, which takes the player on an expedition to Utah’s Zion National Park.  Your caravan is ambushed and you find yourself in the crossfire between warring tribes.  On top of this you’ll deal with a conflict that involves both a New Canaanite missionary and the enigmatic Burned Man.  New Vegas veterans may recall the latter’s role in the Legion’s backstory.  Honest Hearts is set for a May 17 release, or “yes, two weeks from now.”

Next is Old World BluesDead Money mentioned a haven of old world tech called the Big Empty, and this slice of content takes you there as “a lab rat in a science experiment gone awry.”  Besting your kidnappers involves breaking into various research centers for the tech you need, and the blog entry mentions you may be able to join forces with said kidnappers and face a larger threat.  Old World Blues hits in June, though an exact date is not yet known.

Lastly we have Lonesome Road, which centers around the courier Ulysses; the original carrier of New Vegas‘ platinum chip.  Ulysses contacts you and offers an explanation as to why he turned the chip delivery down, but only if you take on one more job.  This job will take you to the Divide, a land wracked by earthquakes and violent storms.  Predictably, few have attempted the journey and none have returned.  Well, they probably didn’t have Shotgun Surgeon and the Dinner Bell.  Lonesome Road comes out in July.

All content will see simultaneous releases, priced at $9.99 on PS3 and PC, and 800 MS funbucks on 360.  The full blog post is available here.

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