Atlus Announces Devil Survivor Release Date, Details

Close on the heels of Devil Survivor Overclocked, a remake of the first Devil Survivor game for the 3DS, comes the revelation that its sequel, Devil Survivor 2, will be seeing the light of day in North America in 2012. Further details about the game’s plot and characters have also been released, as well as some info about the creative team behind the title.

The game’s plot follows the emergence of invaders known as the Septentrion, bizarre creatures which have begun appearing all around modern day Japan. Players take control of the main character, a nameless blank slate as per series tradition, and his friends Datchi and Io, as they attempt to beat back the invasion within the seven day time limit they have been given.

Devil Survivor‘s demon auction system makes a return, along with the grid-based TRPG combat system. Significant changes include the ability to explore multiple cities, and the Destiny system, which will open up new party members and demon allies based on the moral choices players have made in the game.

As to the creative team, character designs are being handled by Suzuhito Yasuda, an artist whose credits include Durarara!! and Yozakura Quartet. Additional design work on the title was provided by Mohiro Kitoh, whose previous work includes the manga Shadow Star. Perhaps most interestingly, however, the game’s composer will be Kenji Ito, rather than the traditional series composer Shoji Meguro.

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