What Happened This Week – Seeing Doom Everywhere

Hey-hey-hey, how’s everybody doing out there?  If you’re from Chicago I know the answer: terrible.  Was tempted to go out and break something, but it’s hard to start a good riot in the suburbs, you know what I mean?  Plus it’s rainy out.  I admit, I’m a fair-weather sports fanatic.  But enough about me, you’re here for the news.  Here’s what’s going down:

  • Final Fantasy X goes high-def, providing a way to watch the infamous Laughing Scene the way it was meant to be seen.
  • Sony’s PS Vita gets some face time, trying to assure people it’s not the size of the battery that counts.  A sizable media SNAFU makes this harder to accept.
  • On top of this, word gets out that Sony’s revised TOS thingy has a ‘no-suing’ clause, and a Sony exec comments that the 3DS is not a competing device.  Also, they have more than enough lifeboats for everybody on board.
  • Meanwhile, Nintendo announces a slew of 3DS titles, though proclamations of doooooooom follow a stock price drop.  Never mind that the same thing regularly happens to Apple.
  • Slate examines the downfall of 3D movie ticket sales, which may explain some of the difficulties Nintendo faces.  Short version: after Avatar, viewers went “Cool, but what else you got?”
  • Retail sales are on the decline yet again – gee, I wonder why – advertisements show up in Deus Ex: Human Revolution loading screens, and more!

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