FF Type-0: Unusual Disc Swapping, New Game+, and More

Dengeki Playstation ran a lengthy feature on Final Fantasy Type-0 this week, showcasing more of the game as it nears its Japanese release. Among the details was the game’s disc swapping system, which puts the first and last chapters on the first disc and the rest of the game on the second. Director Hajime Tabata explained this unorthodox system as necessary for multiplayer, preventing disc-swapping from interrupting a game.

Type-0 will feature a variant of new game+, carrying over level and statistics while unlocking additional missions. These focus more on Class Zero, whereas the first playthrough reportedly centers more on the game world. As for story themes, Type-0‘s crystals apparently cause people to forget those who have died, and this will tie into the larger mythology of the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe.

Source: Andriasang

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