Theatrhythm DLC Pricing Announced

This week’s Famitsu has revealed that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy‘s DLC tracks will be priced at ¥150 per song. On launch day, February 16, Square Enix will release the following eight tracks:

  • FFII – Battle Scene 1 (Battle Stage)
  • FFIV – The Final Battle (Battle Stage)
  • FFIX – Fighters of the Crystal (Battle Stage)
  • FFXIII – Fighting Fate (Battle Stage)
  • FFV – Hikari wo Motomete (Field Stage)
  • FFVII – Cosmo Canyon (Field Stage)
  • FFVIII – Ride On (Field Stage)
  • FFX – Someday The Dream Will End (Field Stage)

Further songs will be added every two or three weeks, and will eventually include music from non-numbered games.

Source: Andriasang

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