Elder Scrolls Bonanza: Skyrim DLC, TES Online Announced

Bethesda has just announced that Skyrim will soon receive its first DLC pack. Titled Dawnguard, the content is scheduled to launch this summer, and will be hitting 360 first. Further info will follow when E3 rolls around.

As long as we’re talking Elder Scrolls, an MMO with TES as the setting is apparently in development. Developed by Zenimax Online Studios, The Elder Scrolls Online is set about a thousand years before the events of Skyrim. The plot reportedly concerns the daedric prince Molag Bal as he attempts to dominate all of Tamriel; his specialty being the enslavement of mortals, that’s probably a bad thing.

TES Online is loosely scheduled for a 2013 PC/Mac release.

Source: Joystiq, Game Informer

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