Bravely Detailed: Sequel Stuff, Default Demo Coming to NA

Bravely Second producer Tomoya Asano and lead artist Akihiko Yoshida recently sat down with Famitsu, discussing the upcoming title along with Yoshida’s recent departure from Square Enix. Asano indicated that the game was made as a direct sequel in part due to favorable feedback on the world and characters. Magnolia will be the main heroine, serving a similar role as Agnes did in the first game; her design apparently went through several revisions, including one with clothing styled like a space suit.

For his part, Yoshida explained that he left the company to do both game development and drawing on a freelance basis, while his recent duties with Square Enix required considerable time and effort. Asano approached him about working on Bravely Second prior to his departure, thus Yoshida took on the job.

In related news, Nintendo will release a North American demo for Bravely Default on January 2. As with the European demo, this will in fact be a new portion of the story, with original content not present in the base game. The full game will be launched the following month on February 7.

Source: Gematsu

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