Current Quests – Week of 10/28/07

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and neighbors, gather ’round for this week’s edition of Current Quests, where we discuss the great issues of the day. Namely, what everybody’s playing at the moment. This last week has been somewhat light, as the staff attempts to put the finishing touches on a number of projects. We’re sprucing the place up a bit for Halloween, with a shiny new banner and a number of ghouls-and-goblins themed reviews.

First up, our lady of the axe-weilding catgirl, Cortney “Alethea” Stone suffered a bit of an injury this week, splitting her thumbnail. I’ll spare you the exact description, as it made me cringe a bit, but suffice to say tape was involved in the repair job. She’s not letting it slow her down, though, as she spent the week flitting between Radiata Stories, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and even spent a bit of time jamming with Guitar Hero 3.

Moving on, John “Karlinn” Boske recently finished up his most recent excursion into the undersea realm of Bioshock, and reports that he’s begun a Blurring the Line segment on it. No word on whether or not he managed to slay Ayn Rand herself in that Objectivist paradise, but then there are rumors that she is, in fact, one of the undying. Mr. Boske is said to be looking at a trip through Suikoden or .hack next, where the chances of being mauled by creepy little girls and undead philosophers is significantly less.

Our one-man rogue’s gallery, Michael “SlayerGhaleon” Kozinko, has been busying himself with a trip through the land of Hyrule. Early reports show that he’s enjoying The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess‘s dungeon design and tools, especially Link’s shiny new Spinnaz. Other distractions apparently include building a new party in Pokemon Pearl to challenge me with. I look forward to this with gusto!

As for the boss, Derek “Roku” Cavin recently returned home safe and sound, for which we are all very grateful. He hopes to have a number of reviews ready for print very soon, in between playing catch-up and enjoying some Halloween strangeness.

Speaking of strangeness, Jerry “XeroZohar” Swain is up next! Our sci-fi friend has been through a veritable smorgasboard of gaming, having blown through Half-Life 2 Episodes 1 and 2, and Megaman ZX Advent. A dispatch from headquarters warns of a looming replay of Twilight Princess, adding to the growing number of staffers being stolen away to the mystic land of Hyrule.

As for me, gentle reader, I’ve been mucking about with Front Mission DS. So far, my impressions of the game have been that (one) it is very, very complicated, and (two) wants to devour my brains from the inside. My poor, poor brains. Other than that, I’m still sailing around in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, trying to ignore my jealousy at how much more awesome Tetra’s pirate ship is than my own transport. DEEPLY jealous.

Aaand that’s what we’re working on this week. Despite the relative lack of new games coming out, we’ve had a few very interesting new titles come out in the last few weeks. So what’re you playing this week? Something new, or something a bit older? Something borrowed, something blue – no, wait, sorry, that’s marriages. Anyway, let us know what you’re up to, and if there’s anything you’d like to see us reviewing!

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