What Happened This Week – The Fast Track to Infamy

Evening, all! Whether you spent this Sunday in mournful remembrance of 9/11 or calling for the head of your team’s offensive coordinator, we’re glad to have you join us for the news. Here’s what’s going down this week:

  • Dragon Quest X makes the jump to MMO superstardom.  Longtime fans outside of Japan go “Yaaay! …wait, what?
  • The Dragon Quest news is such a shock it caused Asian stocks to take a dive, notably Square Enix and Sony.  So argues Nikkei, at least.  Random people on the internet disagree.
  • That said, Deus Ex: Human Revolution shipped a tidy number of copies, locking in the eventual development of Human Revolution 2, Human Revolution 2-2, and Nucl3arsnake’s Island Hacking Adventure.
  • Dead Island has a major stumble on release, substituting a developer build for the full version in Steam copies.  I take this time to vent about false advertising with the trailer, and the horror game genre in general.
  • Gamasutra has a handy breakdown of the year’s biggest publisher flubs.  I say let’s shoot for the moon and take bets on what crazy things can happen before 2012.
  • Nintendo turns a corner with the 3DS (at least for the moment), “someone” registers the domain of www.finalfantasyxiii-3.com, and more!

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