DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue – Snowy Mountain Dungeon DLC Review

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue‘s Snowy Mountain Dungeon DLC adds, as one might expect, a dungeon with a snowy mountain theme. It’s more of a snowy mountain cave really, but including that would make the title really long. The dungeon is made for fairly high level players that are nearing the end of the game, and it includes a multitude of enemies in a handful of new varieties and two new bosses, one of which that is a level above the current level cap.

Vigilant explores will also be able to find a new set of ridiculously powerful armor that vastly exceeds even endgame equipment despite having lower requirements, as well as some rather powerful elemental weapons and at least one powerful non-elemental weapon. Though there is some dialogue of sorts, it is with an entirely silent NPC. Amusing though the dialogue may be, it is very short, and the new quest that the DLC adds is fairly limited.

The dungeon itself is very linear. There are a few small branches and circular areas for bosses and groups of enemies, but for the most part the dungeon is a 30-60 minute — depending on the player’s level — linear hike through a slew of enemies and two bosses with the occasional pit stop for treasure.

Due to the nature of the Snowy Mountain Dungeon DLC, it seems to be made more for people who enjoy the fighting and dungeon aspects of DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue than for those who are playing more for comedy. There are certainly some good rewards, but very little of that reward comes in the form of an amusing conversation. The fact that the dungeon is extremely linear may turn off some players as well. Overall, the Snowy Mountain Dungeon DLC is still fairly enjoyable for fans of the series, but it’s lacking in a lot of areas and is nothing to write home about.

This DLC was played to completion and reviewed using a copy purchased by the reviewer.

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  1. Derek "Roku" Cavin:

    I should note that this DLC is free for people who purchase the main game this week.

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